Cake Making Supplies Hack: Turning a Small Turntable to Big

Baking cakes is more than a hobby for us, it is our passion! But we don’t always have the right tools handy or maybe we just don’t want to have to buy another item for that one special project. With this cake making supplies hack, you will save some time and money by turning a small cake turntable into a big one and the icing on the cake (LOL!) is that it is so easy. 

The Ultimate Cake Making Supplies Hack – Turning a 12” Turntable into a 16”

All you need are just two things:

A 12” turntable

Awesome Cake Making Supplies

Cake Making Supplies equipment

A 16” cake pan

Cake pan for ultimate Cake Making Supplies

Cake Making Supplies with the use of cake pan

You can actually do this trick with different sizes. However, you need to make sure is that the cake pan is not too big. The ideal difference in the sizes is 4” to 6” diameter, so that the turntable stays stable.

How to Do the Magic

Invert the cake pan onto the turntable. And voila! Your 12” top turns into a 16” top.

Cake making supplies and its decoration

Cake making supplies hacks and cake pan adjusting

But, do make sure that the pan is evenly centered on top of the turntable.

Carefully place your cake on top of your now large turntable. Once you have the cake on the turntable it may be a bit difficult for you to change positions.

The best thing about this hack is that it gives you the ultimate ease for side icing since you aren’t running out of space to work on.

We’re sure that you’d like this cake making supplies that can save you from spending extra money and make your work easier.

This idea is inspired form the original idea by Erica Obrien.

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