How to Make a Tye-Dye Cake

What better way to show off your baking skills than by making a crazy colorful tie-dye cake. Despite it’s complex looking appearance, they are actually quite simply to make. Don’t think it won’t make a mess though. The only downside to baking this beautiful cake is your kitchen will be covered top to bottom in brightly colored cake batter, if that’s even a downside. Rainbow tie-dye cakes are very easy and there aren’t many rules to follow when making them, but there are a couple mistakes I see made too often when it comes to baking this cake.

Rules of making the tie-dye cake:

  1. Do NOT use yellow cake mix, or any colored cake mix for that matter. This is by far the most common mistake I see.Only use or make white cake batter. Any other color will dilute and change the shade of the food coloring you choose to use.
  2. Use neon food coloring. This one is more of a personal preference, but it really makes the biggest difference in the finished product of the cake. If you are using liquid food coloring this is very important. Most gel food coloring’s are vibrant enough as they are. But if you are using liquid food coloring, the regular liquid shades are vibrant enough and you want this cake to pop.
  3. Cut the caramelization off of your cake. Just as you would cut the top off of your cake to level it, you need to do the same for this cake, but for different reasons. Caramelization is the dark layer that surrounds your cake after it is baked, and it needs to be cut off. Having this darker almost burnt looking layer surrounding your cake will make it look less professional, as well as take away from the beautiful colors inside.

Now that we have gotten through the few rules to follow when making this cake, we can get to how to make it.


  1. Create a large amount of cake batter. Remember use white cake mix.
  2. Decide how many colors you want to use in your cake and pour equal amounts of cake batter into that many plastic bags or bowls. I prefer to use bowls simply because there is less of a mess to clean up. But if you want 15 colors in your cake you might not have that many bowls, so zip lock bags will do just fine.
  3. Dye the batter in each bowl with one of the colors you want to use. Add pigment until you see the vibrancy you want in your cake.
  4. Spray of line your cake pan, then pour colors randomly into cake pan or pans. Vary in the amounts you pour. For example pour a small amount of purple, then a large amount of red, a medium amount of green, then a large amount of purple.
  5. Once all the cake batter is in the pans, take a knife or tooth pick and draw designs in the batter. Do not mix it together just lightly draw designs. This will help to give your cake more of a true tye-dyed effect.
  6. Bake your cake as original recipe calls for. The dye should not effect the cake in a way that would cause you to bake it for a shorter or longer amount of time. Once you cake is out, let cool and cut off caramelization. Then ice however you please.

I told you making a tie-dye cake wasn’t hard. But it looks hard and it impresses all of your friends.

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